Hostel Accommodations

hostel accommodations

We offer hostel style living that is affordable, luxurious, and close to all amenities (airport and downtown SF). Because of our comfortable hostel accommodations, we have been recognized for excellence. Our airport crashpad speaks for itself and SFO Crashpad welcomes the opportunity to prove it to you.

When you think of crash pads, we know that SFO Crashpad will be the first name that comes to mind in Daly City, CA, because no one does a better job. For amazing crashpad accommodations, we are the ones to call. Amenities include:

  • SFO Crashpad for Airline Personnel
  • Affordable Living, Hostel Type Living Arrangement
  • Airport Pickup/Drop-Off for guests who book for one week or more.
  • We are located just 4.5 miles from SFO
  • We are 8 miles from Downtown SF
  • Public Transportation comes right to the corner of our street.
  • Clean Bedding and Towels always available
  • Full Access to Kitchen and Washer and Dryer